Feed Supplement

Feton-Feed supplement
Increases the blood formation by improvement of hemoglobin in blood.
Reduced FCR.
Enhanced body growth.
Iron is a principal ingredient which support in maintained red blood cells.
Chelated copper help in absorption of iron as well as development & maturation of red blood cells
Folic acid helps in growing red blood cells.

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Feed additives

Vitamino Powder- A Unique Combination of A,D3,E,C
Highly stable & bio-available vitamins.
Ensures proper digestion & metabolism
Better growth,Increased meat production.
Stress reliever in various indication.
Helps in condition of encepphalomalacia.
Helps in Muscular dystrophy.

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chinchin celebration

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Cattle milk enhancer

Neutro CPD Powder:-
A Super Formulation of Chelated Calcium with Multi Enzyme
Enhances milk Production in milch animals & prevents milk fever.
Prevent anemia lameness leg weak ness Prolapse.
Helps to Prevent Vitamin D3 deficiency.
It is Cattle milk enhancer.
Helps in Muscular & Skeletal development,Improves growth & body weight..
Also Prevents Rickets Osteomalacia.

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